Bang Bang Lover
Charles Manier

Bang Bang Lover

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“Manier’s ‘Bang Bang Lover’ is f*cking balls-to-the-walls EBM for the Front 242 diehards…” -Heath K. Hignight, XLR8R magazineFor Manier, the sawtooth bassline rogue, Industrial Electro comes fast, hard and full of spooky funk. After appearing on both our seminal Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau compilation and Adult.‘s “Misery Loves Company” collection for Ersatz Audio, Manier releases his deubt 12" and the results are stranger than ever.The title cut is a slab of searing electro, peppered with deranged lyrics and compelling personal mythology. Manier’s violent funk is both infectious and abbrasive, hot and cold. The flipside starts with “Uncompromised Awareness” a Dada-inspired piece of analog metallic grit, cautiously snaking around Manier’s garbage-talk. The plate is concluded by perhaps the most telling revelation of Manier’s paranoia, the cyberpunk throwdown, “I Can’t Leave” which is the sound of the walls closing in on our protagonist, all accompanied by a damn catchy beat. Manier’s debut is both a revelatory experience and a frustrating one. “BBL” introduces a neurotic musician who allows us to take great pleasure in his discomfort.

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