Ducati Ghost X100

Ducati Ghost X100

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Happy April Fools Day 2012

(This is joke, we don't actually have a partnership with Ducati)

We love things that go fast. So when we decided to enter the world of racing, we couldn't think of a better partner than the Italian Motorbike company, Ducati.

The Ghost X100 was designed by Jonathan Ive in collaboration with Michael Cina, has 1200cc Air Cooled 90° V-twin engines sporting 110HP. Maxing at 180MPH through the Ghostly Test Track, you could say it's got a snappy response making sharp turns a cinch.

A timeless design that will class up any garage, we dare say it might be the last motorbike you'll ever buy.

Includes 3 pack of Ghostly Decals and any single piece of vinyl.

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