American Automatic
Kill Memory Crash

American Automatic

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Steeped in the shadows of Chicago, Kill Memory Crash follow 2003's When the Blood Turns Black with their first full-length, American Automatic, ushering in a new era of industrial music with a calculated assault on the post-Warp electronic scene. Each song on American Automatic develops the band's exploration of the prickly outer edges of human psychology and neurosis, building a formidable musical arsenal."Riyout" sets the album's pace with a blaze of serrated rhythms and a darkly cinematic push. "Never Forget" (the first single) epitomizes the duo's sound with a storming fusion of programmed and live drums that underscores razor-edged synthesizers and an echoed vocal mantra. At the core of the band's electronic impetus is "Crash V8" (the second single), an unexpectedly poignant reflection on contemporary social anxiety that could easily rise to become an anthem for the disenfranchised. "Battery" bears the brunt of the group's rock aesthetic, thick with the schizophrenic twitch of a wracked mind, set to flanging klaxons and fuzzed guitars. Through all this, Kill Memory Crash maintain a versatility within their well-established means, becoming all the more enticing.The air of mystery about American Automatic is nearly tangible, underpinning the album's highly relevant focus on the darkness of the modern era. As such an affecting and rejuvenating fusion of rock, electro, and industrial styles, American Automatic will leave an indelible mark not only on the psyche and the dancefloor, but also on the scene from which it was born.

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