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On the Divided 12", Hamburg's Peter Kersten (aka Lawrence) offers up three gorgeous shades of dance music, a trio of tracks exploring the prolific producer's love of ambience and subtle rhythmic play."Divided" is a classic, a congas-and-trash-cans gallop through melancholy fields of synthesizer. Rhythms act as melodies, melodies masquerade as rhythms, and the track's subtle, cymbal-led climax hits harder than any siren."Forever Anna" seems to chart a relationship with the titular love object. Over the course of six and a half minutes, the main theme—a tentative sequence of melodic synth stabs—goes through a series of rhythmic episodes, from its initial ecstatic pop 'n thwock (the initial flutter?), to a spacey, half-time chug (the long, sweet middle?), to a drifting ambient fake-out (the inevitable conclusion?) and one more brief fling with rhythm (a hint at rebirth?). In the end, of course, all that remains is the theme.

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